Washington Water Service Company

Since the late 1990's Apex Engineering has provided on-call engineering services to one of the largest privately-held water purveyors in Pierce County.

Our services include maintaining the hydraulic model for all of their 28 water systems, the largest having over 15,500 connections and a service area of 10 square miles.

We also design and inspect Washington Water's main extensions, wells, storage facilities, booster pump stations and treatment facilities. Recently we've been updating their Comprehensive Water System Plan which includes an Umbrella Plan outlining Washington Water's overall operations, maintenance, and planning efforts for each of the 21 class A systems and 7 class B systems.

A system hydraulic analysis was prepared in WaterCAD to provide an overall view of each water system, identifying system restrictions based upon fire flow demands, future demands on the system, and to provide an evolving on-going model of each system as future development occurs.